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Cannabinoinds in marijuana

There are many different types of cannabinoids in marijuana. The two most common types of cannabinoids are THC and CBD. The cannabinoid known as THC is what gets you high. Most stoners who smoke weed everyday will be looking for weed with a high THC content. This is because you build a tolerance to cannabis over time. The more you smoke the higher THC weed you will be looking for. It the reverse effect for people looking for the healing properties of the cannabis plant. You will be looking for marijuana that is high in CBD.

CBD cannabis strains are not high in THC. They dont get you goofed. For medical uses CBD is high in properties that can heal pain and help with sleep disorders. Its even known to help with things like Parkinsons and epileptic fits.


High CBD Marijuana

Things to remember when selecting your cannabis to smoke. Check the CBD content in the weed. If you are wanting medicinal properties then the higher CBD strain you choose the better. It wont make you high like the THC strains used by cannabis smokers around the world.


High THC Marijuana

High THC cannabis strains do also have medicinal properties. It is mostly used for the high associated with smoking marijuana.

Source: weed culture