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Marijuana has been around for many years and yet it still remains illegal it some countries around the world. Lately, with all the health benefits associate with cannabis, people have had a chance to study the plant. It has even been made legal to grow your own weed at home in some countries. This is great new for smokers looking to pick up a new hobby. There is nothing better than growing your own marijuana at home.

Growing your own weed is easy too do. there are multiple guides you can follow to help you setup your first grow area. These guides are there to help you. Other growers have put these guides together so you dont have to learn on a trial and error basis.

Beginner Cannabis Smokers

If you are new to cannabis smoking, you might want to consider a weaker strain while you adjust to smoking. Many of the strains available today have been bred with high THC content in mind. There are many strains that are high in CBD and not THC. These strains will make good starter strains for new marijuana smokers.